"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Like I predicted right when I pulled into my parking spot after work, out shoots the Census woman. She came right at me asking if I was "JBR." I asked her her name and before she could say anymore gave her two options. (1) You either leave now never to return. Or (2) wait for the police which I am dialing 911 right now. She proceeded to tell me she is doing nothing illegal. I ignored her. I told her she was harassing me. She said that I never told her to leave. I said I am telling you now. She went back into her car and sat there apparently waiting for the police that I pretended to call in front of her. I went up to my home. Continued praying.

Be proud of me I did not use one curse word! Well, not out loud.

This can only get worse. Do they get paid for each survey they take? Is that why they will NOT LET GO???? This is really upsetting me terribly. After 45 minutes waiting for police that were not even dialed, she drove away.

But, I am sure this is NOT the end.

I was given advice to call my local police station (non-emergency) to see what my rights were. I found out that first they would not send out anyone unless it was an emergency. They told me to contact personally the Census Bureau. The main headquarters. Which is in Georgia. I have been calling the local headquarters. But, now I guess I have to go to the top. I will have to call tomorrow as their offices are closed. The person I spoke with at the police station was sympathetic and could not understand how aggressive the Census bureau is.

I cannot tell you how I HATE confrontation. When I was talking or telling the Census woman what I was going to do, every fiber in my body was tense. My voice was shaky, I began sweating and I was furious. This type of stress wears you out!

I know all this is part of my journey for self improvement, self worth that I am somebody! I hate it nevertheless. This is hard sticking up for myself. My mum always fought my battles for me and anything else. Tremendous irrational fears began overtaking my thoughts. "Do I have the right to have an opinion." Am I wrong and they are right. Will I go to jail?

Little JBR is learning to become an adult.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to drive up in peace to my home.

Keep in mind all this hassle is about "a survey" not the actual Census. Can you imagine if I did not fill that out?? OMG!

For those who have no clue what this post is about, read HERE.


  1. I thought that maybe you were fighting the regular census and I wondered why. Since you did that and didn't ask to be chosen for this other census they should just move on. They can't make you! Right?

  2. I'm sorry but the way you put this was kind of funny. You're not going to jail. You have a right to an opinion and you should call the police and tell them this lady is on your property harassing you and she won't leave. You have a right to call the police and ask them to come out for that. I guarantee you that that will get rid of them.You're doing fantastic. A real Get-In-Your_Face Woman!

  3. It's probably a good idea to go over their heads and call the main headquarters. Maybe that will nip it in the bud. Good luck!

  4. yikes! it's scary how our rights can be so infringed upon.
    way to stand up for yourself!

  5. Good for you for sticking up for yourself! I totally understand how that is hard to do. But even though you didn't call 911 you did give that census lady a piece of your mind. I hope you're proud of yourself! And I hope that going to the top works. These people just need to leave you alone!

    Wishing you well,

  6. Way to go, JBR! You should be PROUD of yourself for standing your ground!

    Sending you much love and ((((hugs))))!


  7. Well done for sticking up for yourself. They have no right, I agree that you should put in a complaint at th headquarters, tell them you don't want to participate or be bothered. Take gentle care..

  8. Sorry that you had to go through all this. But glad you handled the situation nicely.
    God Bless you


  10. JBR when I saw the title of this post and read the other one, I said not again. I remember this happening to you a few weeks ago. First thing came to mind is how much you're important. Important that they can't leave you alone. I'm not trying to reduce the severity of the problem, but it's funny to see how much they want from you. That aside, you did well standing up for your rights. Hopefully your confrontation has put an end to there abuse. God Bless.

  11. I am very Proud of you!! I hate confrontations too and have had to stand up for myself (finally) in the last few years. It causes me several anxiety attaches and I thought I was going to have a stoke more than once. Each time I stand up for myself, it does seem to get easier. But I still don't like having to be aggressive back to the aggressors. I wish these types of people would just leave others alone! I pray that this woman not only leaves you alone, but gets a life lesson that kicks her in the butty too!!!

    Hang in there and Yes, complain to the Top! Maybe even go to your local news station if they have a 'help' center/feature for situations like this. We have a station here that does and I've seen them help people who are being harassed. I hope that helps!!!

  12. I have had a similar reaction to "onthewaynow" above. When you first wrote about your fears and frustration over these survey people, my heart felt siezed with hope over this "doorway", for lack of a better word, that it seems the Lord is providing you.

    I think these people may be answers to your prayers, in the funny and creative way God has of working healing into our lives(he always offends our minds in order to get to and restore our hearts). They are seeking and knocking so that the real JBR can answer and use her own voice to say "I am here and this is what I think." I wonder if this is a road back through the fears you've hated.
    We always have to go back the way we came until we've hit a different road. Just something to think about. I think it may be God smiling on his girl and letting your buttons be pushed in order to deliver you. He really is a clever shepherd:)

    I hate how it hurts to face our fears. Sometimes we fight and kick against the very door meant to take us into freedom. Because it always looks menacing to our unhealed eyes.

    Love you and pulling for you, JBR.

  13. Good for you! I have issues with confrontation as well and I must say you accomplished something that I haven't manged to be able to do yet!


  14. you go girl! You are valued. You matter. Your voice is finding it's new home in you. It may feel foreign for a while - give it time. It'll make itself at home before you know it!