"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Thank you all for your votes.

You guys are good. Out of 19 votes, 6 were for me. The most.

For those of you who voted correctly or not, I would be interested to learn "why" you chose the number you did.



  1. I didn't see that pic you linked with this where you were looking out to the sea. After I saw that, I was thinking no.3 was more like you...

    I chose no.6 because from the past pics, I just remembered you having a long hair and it was tough to guess knowing all the choices had one! Remain strong JBR!!! Have a blessed Tuesday morn.

  2. Yes, I guessed correctly! :)
    I thought #3 resembled the photo of you looking out over the sea - you haven't aged a bit, by the way!
    Have a nice day, JBR! xx

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying witnessing this healing process! God is blessing you greatly JBR!

  4. Opps! I left my comment on your last post. Bah. Having computer trouble.

  5. Hi hon,
    Sorry I haven't been around lately. I haven't had regular internet access for the last bit and will still not have it for the next week.

    I love this picture! You are so beautiful!!

    I am sorry I missed the voting, looks like it was fun. :)


  6. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    JBR okay I missed by one. Had you at 2. Don't know why I chose her. Felt it was you. If you say that you've not changed in all these years, then you're one good looking woman. God Bless.

  7. I didn't make it in time to vote! Love your picture !

  8. Oh booger~bite. I've been outta pocket and missed this one, but what fun!

    What a cutie you are sweetie!

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

    1. Nezzy, I love your quote! "Oh booger~bite." I needed to laugh really bad today. Not having a good day.

  9. I thought the polls were open for longer. Just got out of work and popped in to vote but it was done. Funny though, I was right in my e-mail :) How bizarre is that? You must have giggled again! No wonder you tell me to go with my gut! My gut is pretty good!

    You were very pretty and still are! Like I said in my e-mail, I wanted to go with three because the eyes reminded me of the sad eyes of the girl in my dream.

    I can picture you laughing, Grace ;) As a matter of fact, I can hear you from here!

    1. I am sorry Mary about the poll. I was intended to leave it up longer, but my Spirit got a quickening for some reason to end it. Why I do not know? Only He does.

      Oh, so you heard me laugh huh? That dream that you shared with me still amazes me. Thought about it last night again.

  10. this is fun! sorry i missed out on the quiz. :(
    you were a beautiful girl. lucky that you still

  11. I just sent you an e-mail :) The dream was odd, that's for sure. At times, the Holy Spirit speaks through symbols and it is hard to understand sometime. The window in the dream that you were staring out of was strange. Almost as if everything you wanted was on the other side of that window and you were trapped inside in some way. I think the other side of the window stood for "freedom".

  12. Hard to say why. I just thought #1 was you.

  13. AnonymousMay 22, 2012


  14. By the way, you are very pretty - on the inside and out! xx

  15. Didn't make it in time to vote, but I would've guessed 5 or 6 - not sure why though. It is nice to put a face to the words! So glad to see you!

  16. I would like to thank you all for your nice comments. Appreciate everyone of you!