"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Besides going to group once a week on Thursday, I also see my one-on-one t. every other week. And you thought my writings about my group were intense. Ha-

Before my brain starts to shut down tonight for processing, I wanted to write at least one thing for now that I am dealing with:


How people say things (even how I perceive God and His written Word); how I process things and then how I accept the things and act on them. All of this happening most of the time in a split second or two after hearing or seeing what transpired.

But, is my perception accurate all of the time …. “no.” Let me make that a capital, “NO.” How about a red letter, capital “NO.” There, now I feel better.

Kidding aside, my perception is screwed up on many things that are due to my upbringing such as; a still controlling parent (even though I am at the age of "way–over accountability"); lack of a parent(s) (alcohol; not there for me in my growing up years); low self esteem (not encouraged, praised); ridiculed (made fun of, called stupid); broken family (parents divorced when I was 11); not being able to share appropriate feelings; sexual child abuse (by family and non family member) and on and on. I know a lot of you can certainly relate!

Therefore, perception is a biggy for us all and one that will take enormous time to conquer, as really we have been living with this screwed up way of thinking all of our lives, so it will take time. So, have been given some tools to use and work with when I am confronted with misconceptions of perceptions (Oooo I like that term). In time, there is that word again, it will get a lot easier as I become more confident in 'who I am' as an individual and realize that a lof of my problem is not mine at all, but the Other Person(s)!! If I can just be happy with myself where I am, and if the other person(s) have(has) a problem with it, then it is their problem and I can wipe my hands from it!!

Okay, I am fried! My synapses are starting to tell my neurotransmitters it is time to shut down for tonight. Night Night………


  1. I have to work on my perceptions too ... night night JBR

  2. It has been bothering me for some days...what is meant by that letter "t", and I believe I perceive that it means Therapy, or some such.

    Now, forevermore (Ravenesque!) I shall be unable to achieve the correct spelling of beleive and percieve, or is it sieve, or seive? Is it e before i, or as I might perceive, i before e, as in Stieve?

    Looks like I might need to hit the sack! Quoth the blogger: "Nevermore!"

  3. I wish you a peaceful night.

  4. Hope you are feeling well as you sort out these complicated thoughts!

  5. I have all those sort of thoughts too. I have spent countless lost hours trying to interpret people's behaviour (negative behaviour that is) instead of just saying 'OK that was dreadful and it is THEIR fault' and moving on.

    It's so hard.

    All the best

    God Bless


  6. Hallo. Interesting blog.

  7. you are sounding very close today... i make the same perception errors. always assuming. taking things that are not mine to take (words, assumptions, etc etc). love how you're working through this though. good going. you'll get there. i'm sure!

  8. AD-Thanks for responding. Yep, seems we all have our perception problems. I slept so-so.
    Stevie-"t" does mean therapy. I read on another blog you asked the same question. Stevie, you are just tooooooo deep for me somethings (jk). JK=just kidding.
    tricia-thank you for the visit and well wishes.
    Penelope-a new day to start all over again. Glad for these opportunities given to us all.
    Ambersun-I know and feel your pain and totally understand dear one. Thanks for continuing to visit and share.
    Joerg-thanks for the visit and comment.
    Shadow-Thanks again for the confidence builder! I appreciate your input.

  9. stuck-in-the-middleApril 08, 2009

    I liked what you said about this subj. I look at things differently at times that I question.

  10. Thank you for stopping by my little place on the net. I don't update frequently, although I probably should, I'm going to start working on that again! :) I'll probably lurk for a little while and then comment more - I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by!

  11. Ok, sorry - I lied, I've just actually READ your post, and it was SO true! So awesome.

  12. IMHO - perception is "everything".

    I have learned how to shift my perception from seeing the glass as half empty to half full.

    I have learned to shift my perception from believing that being an alcoholic is the worst thing that could have happened to me to it is actually the best.

    The pattern is clear. AA and Al-Anon and the spiritual awakening they have brought are what has made possible these and many other shifts in perception.

    Love it,
    Prayer Girl

  13. Prayer Girl - Thank you for sharing your insight to your perception as you see it through your spiritual awakening of both AA and Al-Anon! Appreciate you sharing!
    Michele, thank you for the visit and quick return to reply. You are a quick reader. :)
    Stuck-Appreciate your visits.

  14. Wow...we are working on the same thing in "T"...you seem much happier and more relaxed, we are so glad. concerned for you. safe hugs

  15. Hey Rainbow, you just came under my reply just above yours, so you get a response back all by yourselve(s). Glad you all are dealing with your perceptions together. Blessings dear ones!

  16. I seem to still have that "disease to please!"(I think Oprah coined that phrase) I worry a lot about how people see me. I am learning to let go of that but I have to work at it. Blessings!

  17. Colleen, I certainly understand indeed the disease to please!!!
    Yes, I too believe it was Oprah coining that phrase! Hope you have a blessed Easter dear one! I assume you are off on Good Friday at your church?

  18. my my...Just be real. We have lived parallel lives my friend.

    Perceptions are interesting things. Mine are often very different from the people around me. I know that often, I "perceive" things one way...and my husband and others another way. Often, it will take a while, but my perceptions are usually quite accurate.

    I think for me, coming from the background that I do....I "see" things in others and their behaviours that are perhaps not so obvious to other people. I am sometimes wrong...but usually, I trust myself. Especially when it comes to people...places and events. Besides...emotional safety is so important to me, that I dont even care if I am wrong. Besides...how can one really be wrong about a "feeling". Feelings just are.

    I am truly enjoying your postings.