"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I cannot wait for the day when I will feel so very comfortable in my own skin in social settings.

So comfortable, that I can enjoy interaction and not worry about how I am coming over to the other person.

So comfortable I can voice my own opinion and not be judged.

So comfortable that I can honestly believe that I am of self worth and that I am my “own individual.”

So comfortable that I can just be me and not have a plan on how I will behave.

So comfortable that fear will not be present when I am trying to be “me.”

So comfortable when I leave a social setting, I can feel good about myself that in fact.....

“I was myself.”


  1. It is a beautiful feeling that comes with time and self-acceptance. : )


  2. That time may seem far away, but it will come to you soon. I know, b/c once I struggled greatly with who I was.......
    I praise GOD for HIS beautiful healing hand. It wasnt not an instant healing for me, but a gradual healing and something I am careful to continue to work on. I am now "happy to be me" and those words bring tears to my eyes still today.....much love, prayers, and hugs, andrea

  3. God bless you for not giving up. And that you see the victory that comes from God. Blessings.

  4. I look forward to reading about the day you have a positive, wonderful experience like that! :o)

  5. I wish you the best in finding comfort in just being your self.

  6. Beautiful post. I have always struggled with that. I have gained some confidence in social situations because of some of the talks I do, but I am often still insecure. I am also an introvert - I would rather be home! But I have healed some in my sense of self-worth, thanks be to God. The good thing is that we are on the journey, JBR.

  7. I will celebrate with you as well.I'm at the point in my life that I can say I love myself.and if you donot like what I say,at least respect me for my opion as I respect yours.

  8. Great list of goals JBR!

  9. AnonymousJune 03, 2009

    I hope your day of celebration will come soon for you.

  10. It will come. Never soon enough, but it will in time. With self-love, self acceptance and some humor ;-)
    My fav Quote/Oscar Wilde: "Knowing and loving yourself is the begin of a lifelong romance" -

    Big hug across the pond. xxx

  11. you will girl, you will!

  12. Shadow-**amen!!**

    Paula-Very nice quote from Oscar Wilde, thank you for sharing dear!

    Tricia-Looking forward to that day!

    Strawberry-Thank you Strawberry!

    Mike-Gonna have a big party of celebrators, appreciate it, thank you! Glad you have grown to 'love' yourself Mike, that is super!

    Colleen-I figured as much with you going out talking and doing the Lord's work amoung His people, that He has buildt up your confidence. Listening to your recent "talk" I can hear the Holy Spirit through you sharing. He has produced a tremendous miracle in your life! Blessings dear one!

    Beth-The day will come and I will be more than HAPPY to share it with my blogger friends and supporters, thank you dear!

    RCUBEs-I can only say it is the Lord's strength in me that keeps me going, as I would have quit a very long time ago!! Blessings.

    Andrea-Honestly, at times it does look 'far away,' but still, I am one day closer to what I was yesterday!!! Seems most of the time, God heals gradually. I guess He needs to show us some things during our journey, so He takes it "nice and slow." Something I need to get used to. Blessings!

  13. I am so looking forward to the post that tells us of how wonderful this was. The day is so close now.
    PS - Missed you

  14. Karen, missed you too. Thank you for your comment dear one. Appreciate you!

  15. I know how you feel. I used to worry what people were thinking about me all the time. Then I'd take psychedelic drugs and even the idea that others had consciousness, and that consciousness could fixate upon (or worse, into) me was unbearable ...

    I don't feel that way ANY MORE though. So you can get over it. I can't say how I did it and don't claim to be 100% success, but I got a long way from where I was...

  16. We in recovery are on a journey to wholeness. It is a slow journey, but one that brings enough forward movement one-day-at-a-time that we don't give up. We keep trudging the road to happy destiny till the miracle happens.

    There are so many miracles, but becoming REAL is miraculous.

    Praying for you on your journey,
    Prayer Girl

  17. I could have written this post. I suspect many people feel the exact same way. You're not alone.

  18. You will dear friend. Time is the greatest teacher and comforter there is. When it happens you won't even be surprised as you find out, you were there all along. (Hugs)Indigo

  19. Indigo-Ahhh....sounds good. Thank you dear one. (((hugs)))

    Michele-Appreciate you dear, thank you.

    AD-Thank you for your comment dear one.

    PG-Always appreciate your prayers and encouragement, thanks!

    Gledwood-Glad you stopped by. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and encouragement. Blessings.

  20. Mike G. said it quite well. Being the real me means accepting all the parts of me as part of the whole me. Some of those parts are nicer than others. I have learned to love them all. They are there for a reason.

    I have learned to value me as a child of God who is just as worthy as everyone else in His eyes and in mine. That is a very good place to be. Learning that I had needs and taking care of those needs was the beginning of recovery for me.

    Seeing yourself for the whole, beautiful person that you are is how we see you. Have a glorious day.

  21. I have learned over time that, chances are, the people we are interacting with are having the same worries about being comfortable with us as well.

    God doesn't give us strength, He is our strength.

  22. Patricia, so glad to see you here. Thank you for your visit and kind words of encouragement. Blessings.

    Christine-Appreciate your visit. Great words of wisdom you shared here, thank you!!

  23. Maybe THAT'S what is mean when they say, "To Thine Own Self Be True"!

    However, I still on occasion watch carefully what I say to anyone. Also, I try HARD to pay attention to whoever is talking with me. I OWE them (usually?) that much. Instead of looking around for a "better" talking companion. Oh! these defects which hang on and on.....

  24. I cant wait for that day for you also! Now no matter how comfortable you are with yourself there will always be some people who will judge you or be jerks. But as long as you are comfortable with you then you can just smile and not let it bother you and let it be there problem.

  25. Tabs-Thanks! Yeah, there are always 'those' people in the world that do constantly judge you regardless.

    Stevie-Thanks for your comment. :)

  26. stuck-in-the-middleJune 03, 2009

    Good to read your list JBR. Sounds like you continue to be strong. Go girl!

  27. JBR - tell us when you get there....we feel same as you.... safe hugs

  28. My dear Rainbow, I will let you all know when the time comes, thank you for caring!
    (((safe hugs)))

    I am hanging in there stuck, thank you.

  29. Oh how I too look forward to that day.....Which has been gracefully promised. :)

  30. I have found that the passage of time has made it easier to be who I am and love being who I am. I wish I had been this way when I was younger yet doubt it was even possible!

  31. I know the day will come when you will acheive these goals.
    Blessings sent your way.

  32. Tracy, thank you for your visit dear one and the promising comment. Blessings to you too!

  33. Twofinches, I quite agree, that if only in our childhood years we were already changed for the better life would be so much simplier. But, glad that time has healed many of your wounds in order for you to be who you are today.

    You and I Glowing 4 Him, can and will certainly look forward to that day that IS so gracefully promised! Thank you!

  34. You have a very interesting and thought provoking blog. Real life challenges in a real world can produce real fruit. Jesus rocks!

  35. AnonymousJune 04, 2009

    Time can be a great healer. Depending on where ones outlook is, learning, waiting, applying, interacting all can work for the better. Just be patient.

  36. I can relate. I will pray that you can achieve these things. Because you know what? The real you is so worth getting to know!

  37. People who feel completely comfortable in their own skin are kind of rare. We all keep up certain pretenses. Most of us, at times anyway.

    Being oneself is a gift to the world.

  38. It will happen, it really will.

  39. Beautifully said. I would say it doesn't always just "come with time". I read a lot of the comments and hear about patience, waiting for things to just come with time, it'll happen, stay hopeful. All these things are qualities very much needed, but unless someone takes a conscious choice and action to do things differently, things don't change. I know from my own personal experience as well as the work I do with clients, that it takes the head and the heart and taking action for the true and lasting change of being comfortable in your own skin to come... and it is indeed a process (that's where the good dose of compassion for self and others helps too!).