"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Many of us have felt like orphans due to our childhood traumas.
This devotional shares how God will not abandon us as orphans, even though we may feel that He has. How His Son is able to understand the full magnitude of our pain and how He longs to heal us from it.

I can relate to the part that says, not only becoming a functional orphan to some degree when my parents divorced when I was 11 but the lack of my father’s attention and criticism. I picked up on the following truth that is stated:

“Orphans doubt their ability to sustain intimate relationships and find it difficult to trust others. Experiences of abandonment leave us full of loneliness, fear and self-loathing.”

All I can say, that has been so very true, in my life.

Being in t. has let me face many things. Things I could never admit, believe, or even endure all these years before.

I hope you will be able to take some comfort in these words below.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18 There are many ways to become an orphan. Some children become orphans when their parents die. Others become functional orphans when their parents divorce. Other people become orphans as a result of their parent's emotional unavailability. Anyone who has been neglected, abandoned, or abused by people who were important in their life will appreciate what it is like to be an orphan. It is a painful and lonely experience. Orphans doubt their ability to sustain intimate relationships and find it difficult to trust others. Experiences of abandonment leave us full of loneliness, fear and self-loathing.

Jesus understood the acute pain that orphans experience. In this text he responds to that deep pain with a promise of relationship. "I will not leave you as orphans," Jesus says, "I will not abandon you. You will not be without family because I will come to you."

In Jesus we see most clearly that God is attentive and available to us when we feel abandoned or neglected. God respects our needs and responds to our desires for relationship. God calls us out of the brokenness and dysfunction of our very personal orphanage into the community and fellowship of God's family. We are no longer orphans. We are God's children.

Lord, I know about being an orphan.
I know about abandonment.
Thank you for understanding my fear of separation.
Thank you for understanding my need for your presence.
Come. Be present today with me.
I want to spend time with you. Amen.

Copyright Dale and Juanita Ryan

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  1. i understand that feeling of abandonment. it's hard to overcome...

  2. Hard to swallow hard, JBR, never have seen it that way,but it is right, I feel like an orphan. Thanks for sharing this. Thanks for giving me this insight in my lonely soul. I will learn from it very much so.Hugs across the pond

  3. AnonymousJuly 06, 2009

    I definitely feel like an orphan. Most of my family chose not to believe me and shunned me away from the family.

  4. Yaya, so very sorry for the pain that you have endured and feel to this day. I can only pray for comfort for you dear one.

    Paula, my heart breaks for you dear one and pray you too find comfort.

    Shadow, yes it can be hard to overcome, but one can do it. ((((Shadow))))

  5. JBR beautiful post. I had wonderful parents, but living so far away from them and going through all that I have with my husband at times makes me feel very alone. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Gin, I am really happy that you grew up in a good environment. Thank you for sharing dear one.

    I am sure the lonliness you experience from them being far away and what you are going through with your husband is hard.

  7. stuck-in-the-middleJuly 06, 2009

    I'm sure we all have somethign we can relate to in this post. Thanks JBR!

  8. You are so very precious, God your Father smiles when He looks at you.

  9. Denise, thank you for your kind words. It is the same with you too......

    stuck-Glad you kind find something in here to help you.

  10. JBR,
    I hear you. I feel this post was just for me. Thanks.

  11. I thank you for visiting my blog! I felt like an orphan after the deaths of both of my parents. I read that scripture passage over and over again. I believe that pain is pain and loss is loss whether or not you had a good childhood. The good news is that the Lord will see you through. My heart aches for victims of abuse and alcoholism. A few of my own friends had a childhood like that and still are struggling with it today. God bless you

  12. Amen...I,too have felt like an orphan! I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who NEVER leaves or forsakes me.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  13. Beautiful comment Andrea, amen. Thank you for sharing.

    Ginny, appreciate you visiting and sharing your pain and your concerns for your friends.

    Ivory, glad this post has touched you in a special way.

  14. I was an orphan for 21 days, then adopted into an abusive family for the duration. I came across a passage that said, "God adopts us according to his good purpose", not the evil purpose I had come to know and it was comforting. I consider myself re-adopted now.

  15. i can relate to this...
    great post

  16. Well put article. Explains volumes relationally. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great post!
    I feel like an orphan many times althoguh 62, both parents are gone. However I know HE is always with me

  18. mommanator, thank you for your visit and post of encouragement.

    Janet, appreciate your visit, thank you.

    LazyKing, thank you for your visit. Glad you were touched.

    W&W, thank you for sharing that encouraging passage. Sorry that you were raised in an abusive home.

  19. What really helps when I feel like an orphan is the reminder that He will not in any way forsake me. God is not like man. He never disappoints!! Great post. A real eye opener.

  20. Keeping it simple -

    I love you JBR,

    Prayer Girl

  21. AnonymousJuly 06, 2009

    “Orphans doubt their ability to sustain intimate relationships and find it difficult to trust others. Experiences of abandonment leave us full of loneliness, fear and self-loathing.”

    I'd never thought of myself as an orphan, but this so perfectly describes me and my life.

    Reading the above comments it seems there are many of us. Thanks JBR for sharing such encouraging words.

  22. This is so true. I really got a lot out of the words from the Bible. Thanks!