"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey, needed to take a break. Hit one of those rough patches.

The Lord continues to put on my heart that He wants to break through with showing the unconditional Love He has for me and also for me to open up to the people who honestly care and are concerned about me and for me to welcome their "love and compassion."

Does not matter if I do not understand what "love" is, but I Must Be Willing to let people in to help along in my healing process. I know this is not easy, but it is a must!


  1. JBR ~ one thing I've learned in life is, people will let us down even when they don't mean to do so. But I've also found God never lets us down, even when we let Him down. Just remember when letting people in, we are all imperfect, but we are trying to love in perfection. Does that make sense?

    Fear and LOVE cannot dwell side by side...
    Open your arms and heart, just remember those entering are in need of forgiveness too!

    Hugs and love to you precious one!

  2. I have always found letting people into my world really hard. You are pretty brave. Thanks for being so open here. Sarah

  3. absolutely...just remember that trust is earned
    Little risk=trust gained
    little bigger risk = more trust
    so on and so on.....

  4. Maya Angelou said that one of the most life changing events she experienced was the day she believed three words, 'God loves me.'

  5. Yeah, I may be confident in saying all this, but deep down I am scared silly.

  6. Love has many faces... Compassion, as sympathy, implies that the person can get into your skin and feel exactly what you feel. It's hard, not having been through what you have. So, Love is better and all-embracing. Love has no ifs.

  7. Well, you know how difficult it is for me to "say" this...even virtually because of my own spiritual *struggles*...but I can see the love pour THROUGH you...and it's a love filled with healing care and light - that's what I see when I read your writing. You have much to share with others. And I know you speak to me...and you can read into that what you will...whether that's "God" speaking through you...or what~ I don't know.
    K - let me stop babbling now...
    (hug) to you
    ~ Grace

  8. we hope the rough patch goes past quickly as we will miss you

  9. Sometimes I will ask myself, "Well, what exactly am I really afraid of?"

    When I can get to the root of the feeling, the cause of it and can acknowledge and accept it, then I am better able to take some spiritual or other action to overcome it.

    God bless you in your process,

  10. Thank you for your replies. Your words of kindness continue to blow me away. Hard for me to accept many times, but I thank you.

    I guess it is just not having the proper or lack of "love/compassion" expressed in my family while growing up. Cannot recall my parents being affectionate in front of us kids? But, then again, maybe I just do not remember. Of course, I can remember the yelling better, so you tell me.

  11. (((Hugs))) One day at a time.

  12. In gods timing. His unconditional love is probably one of the hardest things to phathom. Praying that he touches your heart with his love. God Bless.

  13. It's a good thing to know what is right and wrong, but it is best to know when to do it. I see that you got both.
    God bless you.

  14. May the Lord continue to transform you into what He wants you to be. Thanks for your encouragement. God bless you JBR!

  15. God is true love, and He loves you so very much. He will help you to accept love from others at your own pace sweetie. I love you dear one.

  16. JBR,

    God is so real and patient in His timing for everything. I am so confident that as long as you remain true to His will, you will ultimately get to that end of road towards your healing and will be amazed at just how far you came.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. JBR,
    You are precious and your doing great. Some days we just take one moment at a time and see what it has to offer us. Little hugs, little smiles, flowers, water, etc. Enjoy the little things and God will be with you. I already know he is.

  18. JBR-In the garden, that was Satan's great strategy. Get to them when they're apart. good plan. ~rick

  19. Hey I gotta get in here . I just wanna say that Love is the substance of a soul. Love is spiritual, a spirit. Love expreses itself in action--giving, emptying, filling, and giving more.

    Just my thoughts.
    Love ya.

  20. Yes, I believe sharing with others and being cushioned in acceptance is a great key to healing. I have never had that - till I began blogging. It has been a life saver.

    I do really care about you.

  21. Love's a tricky one. Hopefully you'll be able to reel it in to your life JBR.

  22. Sending you LOVE and Prayers and Good Karma.

    I'm going to submit this and spend 5 minutes praying for you before I go to sleep.

    You have been a wonderful motivation to me to really be REAL and HONEST about my own feelings.. even more so than I have been doing.

    Betty Ann

  23. Being able to rely on people is so hard... especially when you know that God is the only one you can truly rely on for everything. Kudos to you for taking a break when you needed it. Keep up your hard work. You and I both know it will pay off!

  24. You're a lovely soul my friend :)

  25. amen! Keep the faith and continue to walk in faith. God loves you.

  26. Three steps forward and one step back is still progress in the right direction kiddo.

  27. yip, one has to be open... very important!

  28. There is no greater gift than to give and receive love. Learning to receive it can actually be more difficult than learning to openly give it. Love is what it's all about. I think that is the meaning of life.

  29. Sometimes we just need a break...and thankfully GOD is with us to comfort our hearts.
    Blessings, andrea

  30. JBR, take whatever you need and how long you need it. We still will be tehre and supporting you at our best. Hugs

  31. Thinking of you JBR...sending prayers and hugs! :)

  32. We are just so much alike it is unreal! Enjoy your break, don't feel like you have to explain why you need one either. I'm getting to that point myself lately. Everything around me seems to be falling through. Our sellers backed out TWO DAYS before closing! But God has a reason for it and I have to trust Him no matter how difficult that may be.

    I'm thinking of you and wishing you well!! HUGS!!

  33. Hi JBR: I hope you are feeling better. I'm glad my Triumph video helped, it's good to laugh and not dwell on problems all the time.
    God can heal anyone, and put your trust in him, not in people. People will let you down most of the time, God will never let us down!
    Take care of yourself, and see a funny movie too or something.