"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After speaking with my mother since my brother's phone call to me yesterday morning telling me their trip is postponed, ( Read Here) the first thing out of my mother's mouth to me was, "why I did not call her yesterday morning when I found out that their trip was being postponed, when my brother told me to call her?"

I said, "what?"

She repeated again, "why didn't you call me yesterday morning like your brother said you were going to?"

I responded, "no way did I say I was going to call you, it was his responsibility."

She then said, she just got off the phone with him last night, since he called me yesterday morning. I said, "he just called you then?" Her reply was "yes and that he was amazed that she did not know because I was supposedly told to tell her."

Oh this ticked me off, but I kept my cool.

I kept on repeating, "no, I told him to call you."

That is my brother. Scared to death of her. I envision my brother as little as I in these situations as well. Not making excuses for my brother, as he is a damaged product as well. He usually handles his fear of my mother by lying to her or passing blame.

In a way I am glad their conversation went down like this, even though I look like the bad guy.

I stood my ground though.


  1. Good for you JBR. You didn't give in. Amazing you recognize the hurt and fear in your brother as well. Your mother must be something else to instill such fears. Glad you stood up to her. God Bless.

  2. Sweetie proud of you. A big step.

  3. You did great JBR!


  4. Yay! Don't take on something that is not yours to bare!!

  5. Yepp, when we start behaving differently most people will be frustrated as tehy cant manipulate us anymore. You stood your ground - rest is up to them. Well done.

  6. I am glad you stood your ground. It is not your place to take care of your brother business..nor is it your responsibility to make sure your mom is in the know about everyone's coming and going. She needs to get over it! Hold your head up and know you are not a little child anymore...you do not have to run when she calls. You only must show respect, but likewise you must command respect back from her. It doesn't sound much like she is capable of giving respect. I pray GOD will get a hold of her and do a mighty work in and through her heart.
    Big hugs, love, and prayers,

  7. Good for you. Yes, I agree with Paula. when you stop" playing the game" they don't know how to respond anymore. Stop the game....Just be Real!!
    they won't have anyone to "play" with anymore. Growning up means you stop being the doormat to hurtful people. So easy to say, so difficult to do. Just take in their words, and then be silent. No response. Do what it takes for you to pass through it. Sometimes I put the phone on "speakerphone" it helps me to not participate and take the garbage in so much. It works for me because it kind of seperates me from it.

  8. They can blame you all they want but what matters is that you remained strong and defended yourself! No more fears! Way to go!

  9. I'm AMAZED that he CALLED ... WOW! Is that something NEW? And she can't fault him for WHEN he called - maybe he worked or put it off till the last possible moment? God only knows ...

    I think you did well in this conversation and I hope it didn't upset you too much.

    My brother and sis at this point in the game would NEVER call my Mom and say ANYTHING ...

    Bravo for you! and Hallelujah - of course ...

  10. Oh - did your JBM code get messed up? The pic is not showing on my blog and doesn't appear to show on yours either? Or it's a glitch?
    God bless!

  11. I am proud of you, my friend, for standing your ground. You know the truth and so does God. That's all that matters!

    Much love and ((((HUGS)))) to you~

  12. Good for you, stand firm sister! God is on your side!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday!!!

  13. Good for you. You can do it. I am so proud of you for standing up to your mother and saying, "No, that wasn't my responsibility."

  14. Thanks to my daughter, you can see what I and my husband look like. My daughter put the picture on my blog and Twitter account for me today.

  15. That's a big step for you!! Good girl! I'm proud of you!