"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


It has been a rough emotional few days for me.

The long Memorial weekend and the time I had off from work was welcomed and in between sleeping, little JBR found that reading Hinds' Feet on High Places was a slow process and is still in the first chapter.

She has read chapter one over three times in order for the characters and the meaning of the message to sink in and not to rush the reading just to get through it. Probably will end up doing the same with the rest of the chapters.

The following touched her:

"....There is still one thing more, the most important of all. No one is allowed to dwell in the Kingdom of Love, unless they have the flower of Love already blooming in their hearts. Has Love been planted in your heart, Much-Afraid?

As the Shepherd said this he looked at her very steadily and she realized that his eyes were searching into the very depths of her heart and knew all that was there far better than she did herself. She did not answer for a long time, because she was not sure what to say, but she looked rather flinchingly into the eyes which were gazing at her so penetratingly and became aware that they had the power of reflecting what they looked upon.

She could thus really see her own heart as he saw it, so after a long pause she answered, "I think that what is growing there is a great longing to experience the joy of natural, human love and to learn to love supremely one person who will love me in return. But perhaps that desire, natural and right as it seems, is not the Love of which you are speaking? She paused and then added honestly and almost tremblingly, I see the longing to be loved and admired growing in my heart, Shepherd, but I don't think I see the kind of Love that you are talking about, at least, nothing like the love which I see in you." p. 10, Hinds Feet on High Places

Much-Afraid went along and let the Shepherd plant the flower of Love into her heart but warned her where there is love there is pain also and it will take time for her flower to bloom and for her name to change.

Both JBR's hope to learn of love and forgiveness.


  1. I pray for you both to learn those things too sweetie. I love you.

  2. You do already, Both of You. You are wonderfully made.

  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    JBR I pray that you'll be able to experience that joy and love in your little heart. Let God continue to love on you. The flower that you speak of will one day bloom and you'll feel what you've missed out on but will be happy to finally experience the love along with the joy. God Bless.

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    This was, for me, the most powerful part of this book. The last sentence you shared is "so true". I remember reading this over 15 years ago and trying to understand what "the Shepard was saying". Now, fifteen years later, I can say, it is true. It took me a long time to trust the Shepard with my heart. I had many, many walls, and guards, blocking the Shepard from my heart. It was like fort knox kind of guarding. I had been wounded so deeply by my earthly Father, I could not risk trusting the Shepard to get close. Finally, after The Shepard waiting ever so patiently, I let "Love" plant the flower of love in my heart. He never pushed or broke my boundary. He just waited for me to undo all the locks and doors that were around my hurting heart.

    Then, after that it took time for my flower to bloom and my name to change.

    Here listening as you begin the journey.


  5. Sometimes the flowers that take the longest to bloom...are the most beautiful and fragrant ones of all....

  6. Sweetie your posts always touch me. You're very special. Praying only the best for you.

  7. the flower of love is right there in your heart, believe me...

  8. I've heard of this book but I've never read it. The excerpt from it touched me, too. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks, JBR.

  9. What an awesome book and message! Praying that we all get the message and love blooming in our hearts!!

  10. Beautiful! Oh my word, I loved this post so much! I am very impressed with the direction in which you have chosen for yourself, for it is toward everything that is RIGHT and GOOD!

    I pray for your search for that place in your heart and for your peace of mind, and one day, one day soon, it will be.

    Peace and Love,
    Abbey ♥

  11. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    That's a beautiful passage. I especially like that last paragraph about how where there is love there is pain and that it take a while for the "flower" to bloom." I don't know why that makes me feel better.

    And I want you to know that you (and little JBR) deserve love and forgiveness. Please know that you will always have support from me.

  12. (((JBR)))
    I know you'll glow all the way to your goal.

  13. I haven't read the book but it somes like a good one.

  14. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    Yea yeah yeah I remember thisbook. Been awhile. I couldn't ptu the book down I was involved so deeply.I dohope the book blesses you.

  15. JBR,

    Sometimes you just have to be in the mood to read. Summer days are just a whole lot lazier.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    May your little Jbr find her way safely home where there's plenty of love to be had.