"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning my mum and I are heading up to see my brother and family which is a 4 1/2 - 5 hour road trip each way. Me driving all the way. My mother, who is 84, has not yet seen her great grandchildren since they were born a few years ago.

I may be selfish here, but I REALLY do not want to do this trip!! I know it is mainly because I have changed considerably since my journey. I do not want to be exposed to that environment anymore. I am still in a transition phase and who knows, next year I may feel again differently and would not mind the trip. But now, I do. Still.....

This trip is a one nighter. That is all I can take. Staying at my brothers and getting all the festivities taken care of in under 24 hours will be hectic enough. Then leaving some time tomorrow morning for the long haul back home.

Realize I will be in closed confinement with my mum who I have been setting boundaries for over two years. To now be encased in a metal box on wheels for close to ten hours will be really challenging and exhausting! Praying our conversations will be civil and that we both do not become defensive.

So I am asking you all and being Very Very Very NEEDY Big Time to pray!!!

Pray for traveling mercies and that I do not go insane with my mum's constant worry about something going wrong. She has been at it already for a week and now that the day has finally arrived, she has not let up.

Pray for my physical body.

Pray that I have a migraine free trip. Still have a dull headache.

Woke up with a blood shot left eye. Could be from the migraine or some bug I am fighting. Pray for this to clear up as well.

Pray for the lies the enemy is throwing my way already this morning about my physical condition.

I am very irritable.

Also, pray the time I spend with my brother will be beneficial. In addition, that I be open to whatever the Lord may share with me during this time to help me with my past pain.

Pray that my outlook on this trip turns somewhat positive. Because it is really difficult now and I do not want to be defeated here!

Okay, I think I am done.

Thank you!!

So, I will be off line most of this weekend.


  1. Surrounding you with prayers and love.

  2. Lord,
    I come before you and lift up JBR to you. Lord, I pray that you will fill her with your Holy Spirit on this trip. That she would be filled with peace and joy. I pray that you give her traveling mercies and send angels to go with her. Lord, I pray you stand against any demonic powers that try to get her off track over the next two days. We thank you that you hear our prayers and will dispatch angels to help JBR.

    In Jesus Name,

  3. JBR: Praying big time for the trip. PS I bring books on CD or use the radio a LOT if I want to keep conversation to a minumum in a car.

  4. I read your profile and you may not believe this but I could have written it myself, toss in there if you were also adopted in the life you had it would be mine.
    I still struggle with my past every single day of my present.

  5. JBR, prayers being sent to our Father for you right now. May you find comfort, protection and peace on this trip.

    In His Name.

  6. You are in my prayers. May God send His angle to surround and protect you over the long drive, both emotional and physically. ((((JBR))))

  7. I will pray right now for your time away that you will be a huge blessing for someone!!

  8. Are we not always living in HIS domain? Praying for you (((JBR)))

  9. You are in my thoughts and prayers. He has been preparing you for this trip. Keep your faith in Him. Blessings, dear one.

  10. Praying for you. Keep your Faith, God has prepared you for this, and more.

    Thanks for stopping by, and -as always- for your lovely comment.

    (((((( hugs )))))


  11. I think it's brave of you to do this, especially since you'll be in the car together for quite some time. Godspeed, my fellow blogger! Keep the Christian music playing, and I'll bet the devil won't dare show himself!

  12. Is this the same brother? I'm so sendingsorry. I am praying, sending you all my love. Kisses.

  13. Praying for His protection, strength and divine wisdom as you travel with your mother and be able to see your sibling. God bless you and may you feel better in no time. Take care JBR!

  14. I hope things go well. I know how difficult this must be for you, and I'm really impressed that you are able to challenge yourself.

    Wishing you well,

  15. I am praying for you, JBR!

  16. Awwwww JBR - what a privilege to cover you with a warm blanket of prayers. You are stronger than you know. I speak JOY into your weekend - showers of blessings instead of gloomy rain. I pray the shalom of heaven greets you at the front door....and never leaves your side.

    God bless your trip, dear soul
    Shalom, Patrina <")>><
    warrior bride in boots

  17. JBR:

    I wish I had seen this yesterday, but there's still time to pray on this Sunday morning, and I do, right now... for peace of heart and mind for you... for the reminder deep within that GOD is your strength. I know you already know it... but some situations stretch us like a rubber band!

    May you know His calm, peace of mind and grace today, as you finish this trip.

    Love & praying for you!

  18. Yes I saw this a day late, also. Hope all went well or ok??

  19. JBR, I am around a bit late. How did it go? Keep you in my thoughts. Mio of hugs to you.

  20. Hi my sister in Christ,

    You must be on your way home now. I am still flooding the Heavens with prayers for you. I know this trip must have been diffcult and there are probably many things going on in your mind right now so I am praying. I can totally indetifiy with not being able to handle be stuck in a car that long with my Mom. Fortunately for me, my Mom is quite a bit younger than yours, so when my family takes road trips I sleep some of the time. It's a nice break! Anyway, for your thoughts on what happened at your brothers and for your stressing trip with your Mom, I am praying.

    Hugs with blessings,

  21. JBR, prayers here!!! I'm sure you will manage well and what more it may help with your healing ... blessings dear one, thinking of you!!!

  22. Just reading this now so praying that the trip and visit went well!

    Praying that you have an abundantly blessed week and that you feel His presence everywhere you go!!!


    Hugs and Blessings!

  23. Now that your trip is behind you, I am curious to have your thoughts (without reading what you posted here); just your honest thoughtss on how the trip went.

    I didn't realize your mother was 84! And she stil torments you, probably more than her early years, huh?

    Praying for good things!

    Abbey ♥

  24. Hi JBR...how did it go? Sometimes when I'm a mess and really go kicking and screaming....that's the time He uses me and I end up having a great time. I hope and pray that's the way it ended up for you.

  25. I hope and pray the trip went smoothly for you. it's not easy to have no escape for all that time...but with God's help anything is possible.

  26. Back to check on you. Thinking of you. Plenty of hugs!

  27. i hope that you had a great trip...cant wait to hear how it went!

  28. Believe me, I totally understand! I have been setting boundaries with my mom for the last 3 years now. She didn't speak to me for the 2 privious years (once again) and that was fine at that time. I too have to limit my contact and confinement with her and many. I do not want to regress either. We have both, you and I, come way to far for that! :-)

    PRAYING & sending positive Energy to you right now!!!
    Blessings & Hugs,