"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


As of this morning I am still having issues with Blogger.

A few of my bloggy friends have brought it to my attention that my "comments" on their blog disappears. They receive a notification in their email (that is if they subscribed to receiving notifications) and see my original comment in email form. But, when they "accept" the comment, the natural thing it "should do" is put it then on your blog in the comment section. Some do and some do not.

What I have discovered in investigating and working with one new bloggy friend on this issue back and forth is that my comments go into their "spam folder."

You will find this Spam folder in your Dashboard under the Comments tab. Only thing is that you are not alerted by email if you have spam. You have to check this out yourself. As my bloggy friend and I were working on this issue, she checked her Spam folder and all my previous comments were there waiting for approval.

I found a way around it now where my comments will not go into your Spam folder.

Now, it does not happen to all the blogs I go and visit and comment on. Certain ones. So somehow there is a glitch with Blogger.

Just want to find out (1) if anyone else is experiencing this; and (2) if you were not aware of this problem, to go now and check your Spam folder to see if you have comments from your bloggy friends waiting in the Twilight Zone to be accepted.



  1. What a crazy time you are having. I'm still away from my computer so I cannot check this out. When I do get back I will check it out.
    Praying you resolve this issue soon.

  2. Hi JBR,
    just checked my spam box (didn't know it existed until I read your post, although someone had mentioned about spam on blogs ), and there was a message from someone there. Thankyou so much for your info. 'Every little helps' as Tesco says, and I value all help as far as blogging is concerned.

  3. I have not been able to view your blog for a while... :(

  4. nice post thanks for sharing...

  5. You're right...I knew about some of the comments going to the Spam folder but I haven't been checking them in a while. I didn't think of anything even when I had not seen your previous, unpublished comments, just praying for you knowing what you have been going through. Thanks JBR for alerting us. Be strong. Always. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi JBR a.k.a. "bloggy friend" :)

    This is a great idea, to post about the blogger issues and see if you can get some community input. That's what I do in the Google plus social community as well. If I can't find the answer, someone else will. Anyway, wanted you to know that this morning's comment went straight to the comment section as intended for you. No problems there. I made the suggestion that you switch to using either Chrome or Firefox for your blogging for a simple good reason. Blogger is a Google service and Chrome is a Google browser. It's kind of like using the conditioner that goes with the shampoo, hahahaha. They just work in sync better and there's nothing to do accept download the browser, if you haven't done that recently. I used to be afraid to have a new browser but now I have three and I like toggling between them. IE is the worst and I use it for downloading the others...LOL hahahahah. Sorry IE. But I primarily use Chrome for it's sufficiency and ability. Firefox is for when I just want to see some bold colors. There ya have it, some more unsolicited advice from a non-tech savvy bloggy friend! :) Hope you can figure it all out but I really think your browser could be part of the issue. They're such sensitive things, aren't they? LOL hahahaha. Have a great day! Keep pushing towards the light sister!

  7. Thanks Kelline. I have tried it with Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome and I still have problems. Blessings.

  8. At the moment I don't seem to be having any problems.

  9. I don't seem to be having a problem..My blog is Google otherwise I use Firefox..Hope you get straightened out..

  10. Such a GREAT reminder sister, this is such and ongoing, difficult part of the Christian life. We all struggle. Only Christ in us is able to forgive. We learn we must allow others the same grace that God has given to us. Big hugs to you!