"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Monday, September 24, 2012


With the enemy knowing his time is short he is ramping up his attacks on the Body of Christ. Not just in my life, but others that I know and associate with.

Satan is relentless in trying to drag down the Warriors for Christ. Whether in body soul or mind. Or all. His attacks are meant to be deadly.

Personally speaking, I still forget who my Source is at times of stress and pressure. I tend to go into panic mode. Today was no exception. Satan has no trouble using people close, i.e. mum to get his point across. Instilling fear and guilt into me if I do not do this or that.

My mum is my biggest culprit when it comes to making me feel guilty. Although learning recently, I can transfer this false belief over onto other's who are innocent.

That being said, I took myself aside and sat myself down and had a stern talk with myself. Rebuking fear, false guilt, and condemnation. Telling myself I am not a bad person because I choose a different route and have a different perspective. Or flat out do NOT want to do it!

Unfortunately fighting off the fiery darts of the enemy, especially when he uses someone close and personal, is NOT a one time deal. In this battle there are never cease fires. We are going to have to remind satan that he is not in charge.

We need to flick satan off! Be determined in our stand against his lies and deceitfulness. Stand against him putting sickness on to our bodies and polluting our minds.


  1. God rescues us from the pit. God bless JBR

  2. Very true dear sister...Get thee behind us Satan....over and over,he must flee...blessings on your week.

  3. Oh boy, dying to self is hard, we are so carnal. :s

    Hon, Satan loves to attacks us where we are weak, but, the amazing thing is that when we are weak He is strong!! So, whenever you remember to turn to Jesus, just do it Satan cannot stand against Him.

    You, dear are blessed in strength. I see this.


  4. JBR good for you. You've found your voice. You're taking your stand and having a opinion. Ridding of the shackles of guilt and condemnation will soon follow. You go girl. God Bless.

  5. Blessings to you dear one.



  7. Keep fighting with God. The best is to fight them with love. Noy easy, but it works:)

  8. I often tell Satan to get out of my head!
    Continue the fight, your doing a great job.

  9. I've been having to flick him a lot lately! I love that word (flick) now that you have just inspired my vocabulary!

  10. Yep, I hear you about that, JBR. I too have forgotten who my Source is plenty of times. Ugh. Thankfully, the Source never forgets us!!

  11. Loving the picture JBR. Hoping your birdies are still doing well. I have lost touch.

  12. Thanks sweetie, needed to read this today...

  13. Hi JBR,
    Why should you feel guilty about something you are not guilty of doing? The only time I feel guilty is if the accusation is true and it is something I know God is speaking to me about and maybe confirming through another person. Then, and only then, is when I would feel guilt and know that I have to put it right.

  14. The depth of abandonment by a parent is a battle that lingers for years into adulthood. God told us He would be a parent, both mother and father to those who have none. My earthly father was my nemesis, even years after we parted, he stocked my home and frightened my children. The law was powerless to protect our home 24/7/365. It is when my hubby had some brothers in the Lord come, they walked around our yard and pray for God’s hedge of protection, my father stop coming around.

    We had another person who was trying to stop our ministry with lies and threats. He worked for DCFS, wanted to stop us home schooling our children, and did all kinds of things to drag us into court. Again, my husband and brothers in the Lord pray and this stopped, this person died of throat cancer.

    Prayer does not always change our situation but it changes us and as the song says, we are weak but He is strong. Being in street ministry for years, God had given us a spirit of strength so many times over. We had faced drug lords and other dangers, with God as our covering and were never harmed. Sometimes, we did not find our how God had protected us until much later and we realized, how ignorant we were of the danger we were in.

    We are told to do all we know to do then, stand trusting God to do the rest. The emotional hurts I had from sexual abuse made it hard for me to trust a heavenly Father, when my own earthly father endangered my spirit, soul and body. However, God was able to reach my dark soul and stony heart, turning it towards Him.

    My father has never changed and is constantly in trouble for one thing or another, but he leaves us alone. For a time I had to cut off relationship with the rest of my family, until God healed my wounded soul and spirit. Sometimes, if you are able, getting away for a little while will help.

    My in-laws were into things I will not speak of and they forbid me to speak of Christ. The Word tells us if we are persecuted in one place flee to another. I had to cut off relationship with my in-laws.

    In one fellowship we were in a young lady was having a lot of trouble with her parents, one was an alcoholic, the other apathetic. There was, an elderly lady who, needed help, so she welcomed the young lady, into her home, for a few weeks until she was better. This gave the young lady time to get strong in Christ before she had to return home and face her parents again. The elderly woman and her build a bond and she had a new spiritual mother who helped and allow the girl to stay whenever she needed time to regroup.

    May the Lord grant you the peace you seek and the strength to stand against the attacks of the enemy no matter who he works through.

  15. I love this...sitting yourself down and having a firm talk. Wow! Do we ever need to do this! I am focusing on taking every thought captive this week. I have been focusing on one thing a week to change my mindset. So thankful God is so faithful! Many blessings

  16. When I find times like this and they can be more than once in a day too, I visualise myself putting on the armor of God which protects from the arrows of the devil. You are so right though JBR it is difficult and harder to brush off if coming from people close but yes conciously flick the devil off your shoulder and that false guilt. I think we have to repeatedly do this and it is great you can now identify these feelings and as you said talk the opposite to yourself. I have heard that called mindfullness, which I learned a bit about to help with my illness. Take care, :-)

  17. Hi Grace,
    Yes, he's definitely upping the intensity and the frequency of his attacks - I see this everywhere. My family and friends have noticed it too. Polluting our minds is a good way to put it - that's where he tends to attack most often. Great post!

    Hugs :)