"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Monday, November 05, 2012


I just experienced a divine appointment. I have not been feeling well this past week. Yesterday I over did my stay with not resting after a mighty move of the Holy Spirit at two churches. So today, I was not in good shape. And continue to feel lousy with my present ailments and circumstances. So, around noon today I forced myself outside, as I had to get my body moving.

Now, I live in a pretty good neighborhood. So, here I go on a walk and from a distance I see a man in a wheelchair in the middle of the road. In all my years where I live, I have never seen anyone in my neighborhood in a wheelchair.

Normally, I would do an about-face. Out of FEAR! Just plain fear of everything I could imagine happening with this person.

Although I have been praying to the Lord these days to use me, and He has even revealed to me these words, "I will make it simple." Or just plain "simple." Like I will not send you to the mission fields. :)

Sure, I have the tendency to run. But, I think the more of an opportunity for my Heavenly Daddy to reveal to me "growth spots of obedience," the stronger I will become for His kingdom.

Anyway, just before I left to go on my walk, I said, "Okay Daddy who do you have for me to meet?" Again, I live in a pretty nice area and I really do not meet people on the street. Usually they are at work.

So, I see this guy in a wheelchair in the road and he was in my line of walking path. He sees me and twirls around and makes a bee-line to me. Under my breath I remember saying, "okay Daddy I guess he is the one you want me to meet today." All the while my Heavenly Daddy knows this goes against my grain as well as I do.

So before I could even get up to the man, he screams out "what's your name?" I replied back with, "what is yours?" Elmer was his reply. Then I noticed he had a Vietnam cap on. I said what year did you serve? It did not dawn on me that he was handicapped until he pointed to his missing left leg. Elmer was filthy. Extremely filthy. Smelly and filthy. Did I say filthy??? His white shirt was black with dirt. He mumbled. I was standing about 10 feet away from him. He pointed to his missing leg and what I assumed he was telling me how he lost it in a blast in 1969.

Sensing in my spirit the rejection he has encountered in life. My Spirit could also sense how much he wanted someone to talk with. When all of a sudden I go off in prayer out loud in the middle of the street with him. I am finding myself more and more just going into prayer for people without asking permission. I just do it. I would prefer to ask permission, but it never happens.

So, while I was praying for him, he took off his cap and placed it over his heart. Still standing a distance from him, the Lord then tells me to go and place my hand on his head. Lord, I did not hear you say that to me did I? Oh, I did NOT want to do that!! His hair was so matted and as I said already many times, he was filthy and smelly. But, there I go. I place my right hand on his hair which felt like cement. Proceeded to pray for him. Elmer began to cry. Grabbed my arm and hand that was praying for him on his head. Right away fear entered me. Figuring he would not let me go. But, he did. His fingernails were down to the quick almost. His hands were callous and black with filth. He thanked me. I began walking away. Then I heard him wail and cry. I turned around and walked back and said to him, "Elmer that is the Holy Spirit in you." He cried even more and more and thanked me. I said, "Elmer just enjoy His presence." He was crying with a broad smile on his face with eyes closed. He was broken.

WoW!!!!! We both were blessed!

One thing I noticed.....you could be messed up so mentally, like Elmer was a bit. And once God or the Holy Spirit comes on the scene, it is like Elmer got his faculties back. He was coherent.

Another thing my hand began to burn after I left him. I looked down at my hand to see maybe he had something nasty in his hair and it transferred onto my hand. I did not see anything. I think it was just the Spirit.

I have no clue where he came from and why he was in my neighborhood????

As I walked away the second time, I thought to turn around to see if God placed one of those angels that you do not know you are ministering to and vanish when you look again, but no. Elmer was right where I left him. With God!


  1. What an amazing encounter! You will never know the full impact of it until heaven someday. I love how God can continue to diminish fear by giving you these awesome experiences! He is replacing the fear by giving you a tremendously good experience in its place. Way to be obedient!

  2. Oh Grace...such a beautiful story of God touching the broken one's through you. Those are the people Jesus was around. :)


  3. Wonderful story and answer to your prayer for God to use you!

  4. Lovely! Wonderful!Miraculous!! God Inspiring:)
    I'm so happy that I've found your blog. I enjoy reading other sisters in Christ:)
    Blessings, Deanna

  5. A very touching moment JBR. Touched my heart too:)

  6. Thanks for sharing JBR. What a wonderful thing for you and Elmer to experience. Your obedience is amazing and so encouraging to read about. Such a sweet child of God just obeying her Daddy. Awesome! :)

  7. Hi JBR, what can one say? Being available to be used is a profound and humbling thing. It is something I do not allow in my life very often. Time to change that.
    God bless

  8. JBR I'm blessed that both of your were blessed. It's like a chain reaction when the spirit moves. Even in the internet from coast to coast. God Bless.

  9. That's great JBR. When we allow the Lord to use us it always has a wonderful ending!

  10. Amazing and beautiful. You gave God to him and that is a wonderful gift. ((HUGS))

  11. This is an amazing story, Grace. Very moving. Wishing you many blessings.

  12. Wow simply amazing Grace my dear isn't it wonderful when God has a plan how it just comes through and when we ask to be used how it comes to pass. By over coming your fear and obeying our Father Elmer is forever touched. Someday when you get to Heaven you will know the full magnitude of what just happened. How beautiful this story is and how beautiful you are to let God use you in this way..Like you I always find myself praying without asking because it is a situation God sent me into..((((Grace)))) this made my night to read. Love you sister....Viv

  13. Such a precious encounter.

  14. That was awesome!!! Not easy but what an obedient heart!!! I pray Elmer will draw near to Him after he tasted His goodness through you...Thanks JBR for praying for me, too...God bless and protect you...

  15. Hi JBR,
    It is beautiful isn't it when you experience things that you know only God could bring about. It makes you realize that nothing is impossible with Him.

  16. Bless you JBR.
    It just shows if we are willing the father will use us. Hugs.