"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I thought I would share some of my family.

Presently I have two birds, a 6 year old female opaline yellow face type 11 dominant pied hen budgie named Chipperet a/k/a 'boo-girl,' and a 20 year old male grey cockatiel named Zeb.

I used to have four, but these two birds lost their mates within two months of each other a couple of years ago.

After losing their mates, Zeb (Cockatiel) literally took Chipperet (budgie) under his wing and accepted her into his flock. Who would of thought? I would not have! He dive bombs me daily when I get too close to her. What a lover and protector!

This is Chipperet enjoying her morning bath, under Zeb’s watchful eye that I do not get too close.

Chipperet loves her bath so much she one day decided to join me after I washed my hair in my hair!

Zeb and Chipperet clowning around.

* * * * * * * *

Now we come to the hard part....the passing of my two other birds.

Zeb's mate, was affectionately called, "MaMa," (she is the light grey) only because when I was given 'her' by an ex-roommate, we thought 'she' was a 'he' until 'he' laid some eggs. So 'he' became, 'she' in turned named 'MaMa,' from 'King.'

Below are her and Zeb, cuddling.

Here are Zeb, MaMa and Chipperet (asleep).

Zeb and MaMa lounging on the computer chair getting their email.

MaMa died of a sudden heart attack two months after Petey (Chipperet's mate) died in 2007. That was painful to walk in on one Saturday morning after coming back from a walk. Totally unexpected! She was 18 years old. A precious little gem whom I miss a lot as Zeb too, as they were together all those years as a couple! He grieved terribly for a few weeks constantly calling out to her! It was hard for me to see the pain he was in.

Now onto my ultimate favorite bird, Petey!! (Don't tell the other two)

I cried for days on end when he was suffering and eventually passed. He died at 5 from a tumor that literally paralyzes the birds legs and then eventually they succumb to the illness. Below are Chipperet and Petey in happier days as an item.

Below Petey whispering 'sweet nothings' in Chipperet's ear.

Petey loved to chomp on wooden toothpicks.

Now, the really sad part, below this is my favorite picture of Petey resting in my hand,(he could not stand) taken a week before he died. I never cried so much for this little guy! He was truly my favorite. Picked up many words that I taught him and just was a loving bird!! To this day, I still miss him deeply.

Here are all four. Notice Zeb and MaMa looking on at the other two. Like checking on their own children.

That is all folks!


  1. Thanks for sharing your birds. Love 'em. I used to have a cockatiel named "Tori". She was an absolute sweetheart. I still miss her.
    Birds really do have a lot of personality.
    I'm sorry for the two you lost =(

  2. JustBeReal this is so nice of you to share your extended family. What a treat to see what pleases you. Thanks.

  3. That's a beautiful post. I really love your family!

  4. Ha Ha. Love it! That is the best family one could possibly have. Besides God being unconditional with his love, your family pets can be the same.

  5. Such a sweet post, lovely birds.

  6. If I was a bird, I could only hope that you were my mom.

  7. They're so cute. Thanks for sharing a little part of your family. Barb

  8. Love your bird pictures! Thanks for sharing your story about your extended family. As an avid animal lover, I too cry inconsolably for months when one of my pets dies. My heart goes out to you.

  9. They are all beautiful. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to two of them. :(

    That is so sweet how the remaining two have become close.

  10. Beautiful colors! Amazing that the latter 2 became close...Thank you for sharing JBR. Have a great weekend. God bless.

  11. I love birds- keep bird feeders on my back deck and I often watch them, unnoticed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pets with us :)

  12. What a lovely family, they must keep you busy. Losing a pet is really hard, I've been through 3 loses and I hesitate to acquire another cos I know they won't outlive me(most likely). Thank you for sharing and following.

  13. {{{{{{birds}}}}} My sister has a ton of birds and loves them. I had a cockatiel, a quaker parrot and an african grey. Then I had histavirus and no more birds. But, I still love them. I love hearing there chatter and song!! Adore them. I'm sorry for your loss as I know how hard it can be. Hugs a plenty to you today. Tammy

  14. Hows ver precious. Your birds are really cute.

  15. We have another thing in common. Oh how I do love birds. Had a pair of china robins, the phx zoo too them and built and enclosure. A pair of doves inca they passed it was hard. It is a real connection ...Then there was Rudy bird he was my favorite a canary his momma a burgundy and the paternal an orange. Rudy was the color of a sunset and that boy could sing!

  16. Awwwwww. So sweet. Birds are wonderful to watch. I have a yard out back with many wild birds visiting my garden. Hummingbirds come and suckle on the flowers. Very beautifuly. I can sit outside for hours and watch the birds interact. Very nice post. Very nice blog.

  17. What sweet birdies you have!

    Have a pair of parakeets, BeBe and Beezle. They call my dachshund by saying "Cheerie" over and over again and he will play with toys in front of their cage just to amuse them. What a joy pets bring into our lives!

  18. I love them, too!

    I had a cockatiel for several years. He got too attached to me and I couldn't leave the room w/o him going crazy. We never did get another bird for a friend for him, tho I feel bad now that we didn't. We gave him to a friend who had another bird. I miss him tho and his antics! Thanks for the memories.

  19. JBR, thanks for the trust showing us more of YOU and your family. I love them all and they are truly lovely. Having lost my dear Oscar 1,5 years ago I can relate to your mourning and still missing them. Mill of hugs to you

  20. Taylor AnthonyOctober 19, 2009

    Love your blog. Birds are a fav of mine. I had parakeets before ahd they are very cheery. Glad I found you. Will be back.

  21. aaaaw, they are too cute. up until we got the levi (our african grey) i'd never thought that birdie are cuddly... i was very wrong...

  22. Beautiful birds!
    I have never had birds but I think they are wonderful creatures.
    Thank you for sharing your family!

    Have a wonderful day full of joy and blessings!


  23. My brother has cockatiels and parrots... they are fascinating. I think I may get a bird or two one day, but not until the puppies are grown and gone. Although Clyde is very gentle, Bonnie has kind of a thing for birds... and not in a good way.

  24. Such wonderful little friends! I enjoyed this was a fun post.

  25. Your birds are adorable! I have a dog named Zeb:) He keeps having accidents on my floor:(