"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Monday, July 05, 2010


I am in the seventh chapter of Hinds Feet on High Places and would like to share the following:

"It is now time for me to leave you. Much-Afraid, he said, and to return to the mountains. Remember, even though you seem to be farther away then ever from the High Places and from me, there is really no distance at all separating us. I can cross the desert sands as swiftly as I can leap from the High Places to the valleys, and whenever you call for me, I shall come. This is the word I now leave with you. Believe it and practice it with joy. My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.

Whenever you are wiling to obey me, Much-Afraid, and to follow the path of my choice, you will always be able to hear and recognize my voice, and when you hear it you must always obey. Remember also that it is always safe to obey my voice, even if it seems to call you to paths which look impossible or even crazy."
(p. 79-80)

How the Sheperd (God) only wants the best for us. Obeying and trusting Him in our walk will only produced positive and wonderful results regardless how our thinking may deter us from believing this.

...................................................................... I Got The Joy!


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2010

    That's written beautifully. And a very beautiful message.

    Wishing you well,

  2. Memories flood me now as I read this powerful post. I read this book thirty years ago when I accepted Jesus! Talk about freedom on Independence Day! Happy 4th to you.


  3. God bless you and thanks for sharing such a beautiful passage!

  4. Oooooo, that's beautiful and so are you! I like the look of the blog too! Hold on to the Joy!

  5. It brings Prov.3:5,6 to my mind...Happy Independence Day and God bless.

  6. nice we are running on similar wavelengths...today we talked about the true meaning of surrender and how many times it wont make sense to us, but Gods got it all under control...

  7. Praise to God that you got the Joy!!

  8. I was given this book last year by a dear blogger friend and it helped me so much in seeing my journey more clearly.

  9. LOVE that book! I should probably re-read it 'cause I always learn something new each time. I'm glad you're enjoying it.