"Yet a time is coming
and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the
kind of worshipers the Father seeks." - John 4:23

My Heavenly Daddy is healing
me from the inside out.

Transparency is Real.
Many times painful.

Daddy let me be secure in You only!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


My Spirit is coming a live.

My previous post COME ALIVE I shared how my Soul "man" is trying to catch up to my Spiritual "man" in order to feel fully and experience joy, peace and love.

I am finding now since I am being set free each day, at times I feel I have to regulate my enthusiasms and even cockiness in front of people that do not understand or might take offense. Mainly the cockiness. As I can have a rough edge about myself. I am seeing more of little JBR coming out. But, big JBR remains trying to keep her in check. There is a battle. Hard to explain. I just see and know the change and challenges.

Enjoy and be blessed by the three minute video, if you have not already seen it:


  1. nice song...and that is understandable you having to hold in sheck ...and even seeing her more...

  2. Praise God for the awakening and though you are having to bring balance, it is a great problem to have. Right?

    Love & hugs,

  3. Yes Beth, right. :) Thank you.

  4. Blessings to you, sweet sister!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Hi JBR-
    Great video - wow!!
    ANd I remember when I was first "free" I wanted to shout it from roof tops and I wanted everyone still in chains to have the freedom I now had. It took a while to "regulate". phew...
    great post.
    love to you

  6. Hey there.. i love this song of Avalon. thanks for posting it here...

    thanks for visiting Underneath His Wrapping.


  7. Sending you hugs, JBR :) This is a great song! I really like the lyrics.

  8. I love the words of that song. Thank you for sharing it. Isn't finally coming fully alive after the years of hiding your real self a wonderful experience of healing and growing into your Self.

  9. JBR, thank you for sharing this awesome video with us. I think you should not worry and celebrate your awakening. How very exciting.

    Peace and love to you.

  10. Hooray! It's so nice to hear positive things from you. It's been happening a lot lately and I'm really glad for you.

    Wishing you well,

  11. nice song and thank you JBR for being so vulnerable and real

  12. :) :) :)
    Your shepherd is a wonder
    at dealing with our
    Don't be heavy handed with yourself.
    He won't be; don't you.
    Give yourself permission to go
    through all the stages and trust
    Him to sort you out:)
    He will.
    With love and pride for his girl.

  13. JBR, your post made me laugh!!! I cant count how often Little Puala is getting me into trouble! I learned that Little Paula not only didnt receive love and appreciation, she didnt get discipline and healthy rules taught either. Did settle well with her! By now I have every evening sióme cuddle time with Little Paula and if she interferes in "adult situations" Big Paula by now learnt to tell her that this is not for her and I will give her some extra time later. It does help as I then have time to figure WHY she wanted to interfere! Slowly but surely I am acting kind and loving for both of us.

  14. hi jbr :) thank you for sharing about what you are going through, what your faith is bringing you in healing your soul and mind. and your confidence growing. you used the word cockiness though, which i wonder if you are being hard on yourself. i don't know if, like me, you have struggled with low self-esteem and have had little to no confidence. it is so hard to break out of this self identity. of someone who lives life feeling so diminished and unsure. i think that if coming from that stance, you then begin to grow in confidence, sometimes that can feel scary and you might worry you're becoming overconfident and offensive to others in this way. but i think there's a healthy balance, somewhere between cocky and insecure. a healthy confidence that is nothing to feel ashamed of or hide. there is nothing wrong with being happy and feeling alive. one of my favorite songs about this issue is "this little light of mine" - remember, it's ok to let your light shine :) the best shining light is the kind that doesn't diminish others, but which encourages others to feel free to shine too. in my humble opinion :)

    wishing you well!

  15. Great song and thoughts!
    Take good care,
    B xx

  16. How true that the battle always starts within ourselves. May you remain strong in His mighty power! Nice song! Have a great week ahead JBR and God bless!

  17. Awesome song JBR, I LOVE AVALON!!! God will continue to fight and win every battle for you.

    I just also want to thank you for visting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a blessed week.

  18. That is Awesome that you now feel you have to keep your 'happiness' in check!! I do know what you're talking about though. I've lost a lot of people that I thought were 'friends' after I started growing and gaining more self-confidence. Some people are offended because then they 'might' have to look at what might be wrong with their morals, life, happiness. That is their issue! Don't you hold back or take their 'selfish' reactions personally!!

    So proud of you!!!
    Love & HUGS,

  19. Right on...Don’t hold back. Strong, Brave, Courageous, Free....

  20. I'm just going to say, "CONGRATULATIONS!!" Set yourself free. :) :)

  21. Thanks for sharing your heart...beautiful revelation time it sounds like to me. We all wrestle with that crucifying of the flesh daily through yielding to the LORD daily. Sounds like you're in a great place. I said a prayer for you. Blessings over you in Jesus Name!!!